Sports Betting-Bane Or Boon?

Who in the world doesn’t want to earn easy money? Sports betting is the thing you are looking is an activity done both legally and illegally where people gamble on the possibility of the outcome of a particular sport. Some gamble to raise their income while others do it for the adrenaline rush or what is called for a kick. This sacino club activity involves sports like football, basketball, hockey, boxing, auto racing, cycling, horse racing, cricket, greyhound racing and cockfighting or casino games.

Legalized Activity

There are 21 countries all over the world that have legalized this activity of gambling and some are still struggling to do so. In the US there are only thirteen states having legal, regulated sports betting industries คาสิโนออนไลน์ไทย. These are Nevada, Delaware, new jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Lowa and Indiana with 24 more states still having pending applications.

In India

Gambling in India is heavily restricted except for horse racing, lottery, and rummy. In India, gambling is a state subject and only they are responsible for formulating respective laws on these games of chances within their states. Even the establishment of casinos is prohibited in India as it leads to various criminal activities, corruption and money laundering. Only three states allow casinos-Goa, Sikkim and daman having two in Sikkim, one in daman and 10 in Goa, out of which 6 are land-based and 4 are floating casinos on Mondovi river.

Online Betting

Although betting and gambling are considered mostly illegal, there is no law marking online betting as an illegal activity. Online betting can be considered as legally illegal, just like offshore betting as its legality varies from many countries; it is fully approved while in some it is still not accepted as a part of their culture. Similarly, there exists no federal law in the US marking online gambling illegal. 


Some people believe that gambling is harmless fun; a way to escape is a good practice to encourage tourism in a country as lots of people enjoy is a positive thing for improving the economy of the country. The following are some benefits of sports betting:

  1. It offers interesting live matches for entertainment.
  2. Lucky ones may get a chance to win bets and earn money.
  3. It a form of joy and fun, that too at a cheaper cost.
  4. One gets to enjoy the game conveniently from anywhere and everywhere using multiple websites and mobile apps.
  5. It overcomes the challenge of getting an easy start. One can start betting whenever one wishes to.


Unfortunately, betting is not all about its benefits. 

  1. It results in serious addiction to winning money.
  2. In order to proper, one forgets the basic downside of betting – losing money which results in multiple health issues like depression, loss of sleep, etc.
  3. The worst part is that one cannot win daily. Neither your luck nor any casino would allow you to win constantly.

Many times it leads to people going bank corrupt in order to place bigger bets and win a larger amount of money. Do you have any idea  how to bet online.